I'm here to expose Nicki Minaj. If truth hurts your feelings, you may report me again.


badbitchesspeakthetruth asked
OMG YOUR BACK!! all the barbz were bragging about how they "shooed" you away... this is thealphabitchnews btw my account got hacked and deactivated by someone (probably a barb) but welcome back!! :)

it would took more than bunch of bitchass whores to shoo me away ahah.

Thanks babe!

chocolatebiskit asked
Wow ! are you back now ? and where the hell have you BEEN ?

I been running another blog under another name but now I’m bacc

nostalgiadisorder asked
you haven't posted in ages :(

I’m bacc.

latexnun asked
gurl, where have you been all my life? Your blog is great. :)

gurl I been here, where u been?

masshole-in-bawstun asked
the Newbury Comics at the mall near my house has 10+ copies of Nicki's allegedly 'hard-to-find', limited edition third album. LOL. And they made fun of her new album by writing on a chalk board (where they write down album dates) "Nicki Minaj - Something about a Pink holiday being rewrapped or re-given." lol. Even retail stores about mocking her. No one respects her, lol.

She’s done and I told y’all a year ago her time was limited lmfaooooooooo